Has Ownership Changed?

No. We will continue to operate as St. Andrews Fitness Corporation, and there will be no change in ownership. The same local owners who have been providing fitness in Columbia for over 30 years will continue to own and operate Müv Fitness.

Why did the brand change?

While exploring advancements in the fitness industry, we discovered the Müv brand. We were immediately impressed with their focus on member results; the programming developed to support the members and their business practices. This change will bring new and exciting opportunities to take our member results to the next level.

What changes can I expect to see?

  • Müv Training – Group Training Centers
  • New Functional Training Equipment – Kettlebells, Suspension Training, Resistance Bands, Functional Sleds, TRX
  • 4 Pillars Exercise Programming – Nutrition, Exercise & Movement
  • Personal DotFit Tracking Technology – Food Logging, workout design, exercise recommendation, fitness education
  • In-Body Biometric Analysis Systems – Measures body weight, lean body mass, Basil Metabolic Rate, Body Fat Mass, Total Body Water and much more
  • My Zone Heart Rate Training – Personal monitoring system
  • Weight Loss Programming – Tracks designed for fat loss and body symmetry
  • Müv TV Entertainment Channel
  • Perkville – Member rewards program
  • Vibrant new colors and staff uniforms

What will happen to my current membership?

If you are a member in good standing, everything will remain the same. You don’t need to sign a new contract because all of the membership agreements are with St. Andrews Fitness Corporation. You will receive a new Müv Fitness key tag when you come in the club.

Will there be any new gyms?

Yes. Growth was an additional driver to converting to the Müv Fitness brand. We have just opened our newest location in West Columbia. Stay tuned as we will be announcing other locations soon.

Thank you for being a valued member, and we look forward to this exciting change!